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Swarna Kumariya
Swarna Kumariya 08-04-2017
From Swarnavahini
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Swarna Kumariya 01-04-2017
From Swarnavahini
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Ada Derana News

Seven students from South Eastern University have been arrested for posting photographs of themselves standing on the ruins if ancient Kiralagala stupa, the Police Spokesperson stated. MORE..

23 Jan 2019 (10:32 PM)

The government has decided to introduce a pricing formula for imported milk powder within the next two weeks. MORE..

24 Jan 2019 (10:13 AM)

A Sri Lankan passenger, who had arrived in the country from Bangkok, has been detained for attempting to smuggle in 57 live birds. MORE..

24 Jan 2019 (1:57 PM)

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